Le PotCommun sold to Groupe BPCE

BPCE group subsidiary S-Money takes stake in Lepotcommun, a major player in online group payment

LePotCommun.fr was founded in October 2011 by Adrien Soucachet, Ghislain Foucque and Thibault Saint-Georges-Chaumet, who were joined in late 2012 by Thomas Martin-Chave. In less than four years it has become a leading force in its market, with over two million cumulative users and one pooled payment collected every eight seconds. Over the past year, LePotCommun.fr saw its sales surge 180%. LePotCommun.fr had consolidated its position in late 2014 by buying Bankeez and market pioneer Commonbox.

S-money’s objective is to work with the company’s management to make Le Pot Commun the leader in online group payment in France and Europe. On the strength of its high-quality customer experience and undisputed success in France, LePotCommun.fr is now set to expand internationally in 2016, first into Spain and then to other European countries.
S-money 85% stake in the fintech startup will increase to 100% in three years. Le Pot Commun’s founders will manage the company and will be charged with the task of developing cost and growth synergies with S-money.

Ghislain Foucque, one of Pot Commun’s three founders: "Having the support of S-money and Groupe BPCE, France’s second-largest banking group, will provide us with the resources we need to launch a new phase in our development and become the uncontested leader in payment collection for money pots and more generally in online group payment"

Nicolas Chatillon, Chairman and CEO of S-money and head of retail banking and insurance cross-functional development at Groupe BPCE: "The expertise that Pot Commun’s team will contribute will open up new areas for collaboration and enable us to develop and diversify our service offerings with even more innovation in online group payment.”