SPVIE investment from K Partners

New emerging wholesale insurance broker gets growth funding from family office

Founded in 2010, the SPVIE group is a multi-specialist wholesale insurance broker. The group uses its business expertise and tools to address the industry’s new regulatory requirements. SPVIE is already one of France’s top-20 wholesale insurance brokers and is present throughout the country. The steady acceleration in the number of new policies signed has enabled SPVIE to grow over the past few years at an annual rate of more than 100%, which is one of the market’s highest. Thanks to the successful launch of new products, this pace is expected to continue in 2015.

To support this growth, SPVIE decided to seek funding from the private equity firm K Partners. This transaction, for which Cambon Partners was selected after a competitive bidding process, will enable the company’s management to accelerate its growth strategy in France and internationally.

Alexis Collon, Director and Partner at K Partners: "We are very happy to be investing in the SPVIE group, which has impressed us with its exceptional performance since its creation and its prospects for growth in light of current developments in its market. This deal is perfectly aligned with our philosophy of investing in high-growth projects that are supported by an ambitious and talented management team.”

Guillaume Eymar, Senior Advisor at Cambon Partners: "PE funds were very interested in SPVIE’s growth profile, recurring cash flow, and profitability. The group is managed by entrepreneurs with bold ideas and is set to benefit from major regulatory changes. It has everything to become one of France’s leading insurance brokers."