Easyrecrue investment from BPI, Elaia Partners

Online video recruitment platform secures its first round of funding

This funding will enable the company to affirm its position as the market leader in Europe by opening new offices and making any acquisitions it feels are necessary.

Pauline Roux, Investment Manager at ELAIA Partners: “Easyrecrue has developed an innovative and intuitive SaaS platform that enables human resources staff to optimize their recruitment process while enhancing their employer brand. Easyrecrue is in a good position to revolutionize recruitment with innovative technologies and powerful processes.”

Guillaume Teboul, Senior Advisor and Partner at Cambon Partners: After following Easyrecrue since its beginnings a year and a half ago, it was clear that the time was ripe for a first round of private equity funding. This relatively large deal given the company’s size is consistent with Easyrecrue’s potential.”