Sépage sold to Travelsoft

Travelsoft, the leading travel offer distribution and reservation platform, has acquired the pioneer of artificial intelligence solutions for tourism

Travelsoft, owner of Orchestra, the leading travel offer distribution and reservation platform has announced today a definitive agreement to acquire Sépage, the specialist in data-marketing and artificial intelligence solutions for tourism.
This acquisition will make Travelsoft group a core actor in the tourism industry due to its ability to address the full range of digital challenges travel companies face; from distribution to digital marketing optimisation.  Within the Travelsoft group, Sépage will commercialise its data marketing solutions and pursue its growth objectives in France and internationally. Sépage: artificial intelligence specialist

Created in 2013 by young researchers and entrepreneurs, Sépage is a French startup which specializes in data-marketing technologies. Sépage is a product of a core technological breakthrough based on many years of academic research.  Sépage uses publically available web-data to create new forms of artificial intelligence which qualifies e-travel website users and develops new modes of interaction that are more personalized and generate growth for Sépage’s clients.
These data marketing technologies are now a core digital strategy element of several leading travel companies in France and internationally (Havas Voyages, Costa Cruises, Despegar).

For over ten years, the Orchestra platform has been at the heart of major travel companies’ technology systems, with the ambition to anticipate the needs of the industry and accompany clients in finding solutions. Specialised in automatic distribution of leisure offers across all channels (packages, hotels, flights, dynamic packaging, activities & transfers, and ‘à la carte’), Orchestra’s market position is a major competitive tool for travel companies, allowing them to significantly reduce their operational costs.  Already present in France, Spain, and The United Kingdom, Orchestra is pursuing further development in Southern and Eastern Europe. Responding to the needs of travel e-commerce The travel market is in deep transition and recent studies place artificial intelligence as a key element for this. 

« The major challenge in e - travel is to provide the maximum flexibility and completeness, and at the same time to master the explosion of data volumes to improve the relevance of the the content shown to the user. The technologies created by Sépage will be a vital part of the industry ’s coming transformation. Christian Sabbagh, Founder and CEO of Travelsoft