Chefclub investment from Aglaé Ventures & Korelya Capital

The online cooking video producer targets Asia with the entry of two funds and business angels

The online cooking video producer, with 250 million followers, has finally completed a €2.5 million round of financing, led by Aglaé Ventures (Artemis), with Korelya Capital and six business angels including Michaël Benabou, Daniel Marhely, Dominique Romano and Arthur.

Chefclub has the largest audience in Europe, with 250 million unique visiters and 700 million views each month. This summer, the entrepreneurs released a book including many recipes available online. This was an immediate success, with 30,000 copies pre-ordered (and 50,000 sales), which was good news for investors. With translations from French into other languages, book sales made up 80% of the company’s €1,2 million sales between August and December 2017. The project was financed in part by product placement of brands such as Nestlé, Unilever and Redbull.

The team of 20 looks to double in size over the next six months, will offer products directly via Facebook Messenger and will develop a range of its own products. Present in eight countries, notably the US, France, Brazil and the UK, Chefclub is looking to branch out to Japan with the help of Korelya’s market experience.

“Since its launch in 2016, Chefclub has had enormous traction, with interest from funds and mainstream media. Practically all French and English investors contacted us,” admits Thomas Lang. The entrepreneur, in partnership with his brothers Jonathan and Axel succeeded in securing this €2.5 million investment from multiple sources.