Ad4Screen lbo with Dzeta Conseil

The mobile media and marketing pioneer is sold to Dzeta, with the objective of tripling its turnover by 2022

Dzeta Group, a private investment fund headed by Claude Darmon, former president of X-IEP-ENSAE and Cegelec shareholder, announces its acquisition of mobile digital marketing agency Ad4Screen.

Ad4Screen, pioneer in mobile media and marketing, works with advertisers on mobile projects. The agency helps advertisers to reconcile traffic and mobile conversion across three key verticals: apps, websites and mobile to store. It also manages traffic generation (on mobile sites) at point of sale, as well as app downloads.

Ad4Screen relies on the mobile expertise of its 60 employees, along with a suite of 100% proprietary smart mobile technology solutions (BackInApp, LinkDispatcher, PixMail and SmartBanners). The agency has a client base of over 150, including prestigious names such as FnacDarty, Fraçaise des Jeux, Peugeot and Solocal.

Philippe Leclercq, founder and president of Ad4Screen, will remain at the head of the company, maintaining a significant stake in its capital. Khadija Bouzoubaa has also invested in the company’s capital, becoming associate director.

With a focus on performance and ROI, Ad4Screen will benefit from the support of its subsidiary Relatia, E-CRM and Mobile-CRM expert, enabling it to maximise its mobile conversion rate.

“Our ambition? To accompany advertisers in their mobile transformation by building an ecosystem of services (consulting, media management, MCRM…) and proprietary technology solutions for each stage of smart and mobile marketing. This operation is in line with Ad4Screen’s ambitions and its growth trajectory, with an objective of doubling its payroll and tripling is turnover by 2022”, states Philippe Leclercq, president of Ad4Screen.

“At a time when digital means mobile, Ad4Screen’s position as an independent leader under Philippe Leclercq was particularly interesting to us. We expect to accelerate Ad4Screen’s development by means of organic and external growth, and via synergies with our other investments over the coming years”, adds Claude Darmon, president of Dzeta Conseil.