Cyrus lbo with Ardian

Cyrus buys back Blackfin Capital Partners stake in the group, with support from Ardian

Groupe Cyrus’s management and employees now control 100% of the company’s capital, following a unirate loan from Ardian, global leader in private investment. The purpose of this funding is to buy out the entire stake of a minority shareholder and to finance external growth.

Confident in the private management market’s growth, Cyrus’s management are keen to develop a strong, modern brand in order to ensure the future financial success of their clients.

Ardian is the company’s chosen financial partner in buying back the 34% capital held by BlackFin Capital Partners since 2012. This operation will also the group to participate in the inevitable consolidation of the market.

Cyrus has developed over the course of 29 years, with the participation of different shareholders: initially industrial players, then investment funds as of 2008. The company’s revenues have quadrupled over the past 9 years, and the payroll has tripled. Control of 100% of its capital will allow Cyrus to look for new talents and gain its existing employees’ loyalty. 40% of the company’s employees hold a stake in the group.

“This operation allows us to take out future in our own hands and to advise our clients independently and with the reactivity necessary in an increasingly complex environment”, Meyer Azougi, president of Groupe Cyrus.

“We were impressed by Cyrus’s track record, their professionalism and their reputation. In terms of a long term partnership, we are pleased to be able to work with Meyer Azougi and the company’s management in their ambitious growth plans”, Guillaume Chinardet, private debt manager at Ardian.