Techsell sold to Globe

The agency specializing in BtoB and BtoC sales joins France’s first Shopper Marketing group

TechSell Group, leader in commercial outsourcing in the high-tech, sportswear & entertainment markets in France, aims to help brands sell better and more, placing experience at the centre of commercial features.

Since 2006, TechSell Group has deployed 3 main services: Sales Force, Trade Marketing and Visual Merchandising.

The success of TechSell Group lies in its integrated organization that allows it to recruit, train and coach their expert field teams throughout France. 4,500 demonstrator experts and sales advisers per year, 1,200 merchandisers and installers, and more than 500 additional sales forces.

The French “shopper marketing” expert, Globe, enters a new stage in the consolidation of its market. It has acquired the majority of TechSell's capital.

For its part, Globe supports brands in their digital and physical strategies by focusing on a model based on the internalization of all services. The group manages the strategic planning and logistics, through the development of IT solutions, creation, reporting and research.

The new ensemble, which supports major accounts such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Google and Danone intends to quickly reach the 80 million euros turnover mark.