Tiller sold to SumUp

The leading card payments processing company joins Sum Up

SumUp, leading card payments processing company, announced the acquisition of Paris-based Tiller, one of Europe’s leading digital solution for merchants & restaurant owners.

This transaction, which is subject to the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities, marks SumUp's long-term commitment to the growth and development of the food service industry worldwide. SumUp’s corporate DNA matches perfectly with Tiller's, this powerful partnership will translate into a worldwide expansion for both companies in the food service industry while providing ongoing support to SMBs. 

The acquisition of Tiller, top market player in France, Italy & Spain, places SumUp at the forefront of the digital transformation of SMBs in Europe.

This acquisition is the final phase in a series of strategic agreements concluded by SumUp to expand their product portfolio and penetrate markets driven by SMBs. Their latest acquisitions to date were Debitoor in 2018 (bookkeeping and billing services) Shoplo in 2019 (e-commerce platform) and Goodtill (catering and hotels) in 2020.   

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, SumUp and Tiller went out of their way to help companies and services operating in the food service industry. By recommending custom-made solutions they helped them survive and build customer loyalty.

By leveraging Tiller's POS solution, which features everything from in-store orders to deliveries, reservations, management and payment, food service companies were able to quickly adapt and bounce back during the pandemic thanks to an efficient checkout system and switching to online ordering.

SumUp has also introduced forward-thinking solutions to lend a hand to SMBs in their hour of need as they cope with the operating restrictions arising from the health crisis.

With the introduction of payment links, newly improved billing options, new online shopping functionalities through the "SumUp e-shop", vouchers in collaboration with Google, Facebook and Instagram, business owners have been able to receive payments securely while doing business as usual.