TokyWoky sold to Skeepers

The SaaS Community Management Specialist joins Skeepers, Europe’s leading User Generated Content (UGC) SaaS solution provider

Skeepers, Europe’s leading User Generated Content (UGC) SaaS solution provider, announced its acquisition of Customer Community Management specialist, TokyWoky. The acquisition solves one of the key industry challenge in today’s evolving commerce, enabling brands to centrally manage, collect and scale UGC content created by their community of loyal customers driving advocacy and generating authentic UGC at scale. 

TokyWoky specializes in creating white-label customer communities for brands. Customer communities are essentially digital spaces that allow brands to bring together their top customers and engage with them through discussion groups, contests, surveys, events, product testing, and gamification, among other activities. By establishing their own customer communities, brands aim to enhance access to customers, foster loyalty, and encourage the creation of UGC.

The acquisition enables brands to fully tap into the potential of their customer communities to both amplify revenue and scale up UGC production. For example, creating and engaging an owned customer community increases loyalty and spend for high value customers. By rewarding shoppers for their impactful contributions, such as redeemable gamification points and privileged access-based rewards, TokyWoky customers see anywhere from 10% to 50% incremental revenue from community members.

TokyWoky is trusted by major global brands, such as Sephora, Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, L’Oreal, Lancôme and GRDF among others. TokyWoky will be rebranded as “TokyWoky By Skeepers”. The acquisition, which completed in January 2024, firmly establishes Skeepers as the undisputed one-stop-shop solution to create, collect, manage, activate and optimize UGC – making it the industry’s most comprehensive shopper engagement solution on the market.