Travelsoft lbo with MBO Partenaires

MBO Partenaires finances LBO of SaaS developer. CEO’s stake increases while historical investors realize liquidity

In the summer of 2013, Christian Sabbagh strengthened his equity position in TRAVELSOFT via a Management Buy Out (MBO) with MBO Partenaires. This operation, for which A Plus Finance provided mezzanine financing, also offered an exit opportunity for Viveris Management and Stepar, which had joined the start-up as shareholders 10 years ago. The new partnership will allow TRAVELSOFT to consolidate and enhance its expansion.

TRAVELSOFT is currently developing the ORCHESTRA platform, a SaaS Software  as a Service) dedicated to the tourist industry. The ORCHESTRA platform gives professionals the opportunity to produce, administer, distribute and manage an integrated leisure offering across distribution channels: holidays (packages), overnight hotel stays, airline tickets, dynamic packages and so on. Specifically, ORCHESTRA provides unified real-time access to the offerings of more than one hundred different producers (tour operators, web providers, cruise agencies). In just a few years, TRAVELSOFT has established itself as a leader in the French market. Currently operating in France and Spain, TRAVELSOFT plans to become the leading leisure platform in Southern Europe through a combination of internal and external growth.

TRAVELSOFT, which employs a staff of 48 in its head office in the second arrondissement of Paris, estimates that its revenues will reach €7 million in 2013.

TRAVELSOFT group’s founder & CEO, Christian Sabbagh, was looking for a strong financial partner to accelerate the geographical development of the group.