Travelsoft lbo with ActoMezz

The e-tourism solution for online tour operators is doing a sponsorless operation with ActoMezz

Founded in 2000 by Christian Sabbagh, Travelsoft operates the Orchestra software platform, which allows tourism professionals to manage a complete offer in real time: stays, hotel nights, activities, plane tickets, dynamic packages, à la carte, etc. Its business model is based on the marketing of subscriptions and transaction fees on sales.

Integrated with its customers' information systems, Orchestra provides unified, real-time access to the offering of more than 210 sources of entertainment products. With nearly 2 billion euros in business volume handled, Orchestra is aimed at all major tour operators as well as the main players in e-commerce. With a leading position, the company anticipates more than a 13 million euros turnover in 2019.

Cabestan Capital, Bpifrance and A Plus Finance has accompanied the group since July 2016. During their investment period, Travelsoft carried out its first external growth operation by acquiring the company Sépage, a specialist in semantic-based personalization technologies, and continued to structure its organization around Christian Sabbagh to open an accelerated growth phase.

As part of a competitive process, ActoMezz was selected to arrange a sponsorless operation that allows Christian Sabbagh and his management to move from holding 60% to 100% of the capital.

The investment of ActoMezz took the form of a junior mezzanine funding of about fifteen million euros.