Travelsoft lbo with CAPZA

The publisher of software platforms for the travel industry welcomes Capza to its capital

Founded in 2000 and headed by Christian Sabbagh, Travelsoft develops “Software as a Service” platforms for tourism. Historically operating in France, the Group has recently expanded into Europe through external growth with the support of its former financial partners, and now brings together three software platforms:
- Orchestra, the French leader, enables professionals to produce, administer, distribute and manage a complete leisure offer across all distribution channels: holidays (packages), hotel nights, plane tickets, dynamic packages, à la carte;
- Traffics, publisher of the German platform Cosmonaut, was the driving force behind the industry association for the Open Tourist Data Standard (OTDS);
- Travel Compositor, a platform based in Mallorca, has rapidly established itself in the Southern European markets thanks to the holistic approach of its booking engines, particularly the one known as “multi-destination”, and is expanding in Latin America.

Travelsoft automates bookings for more than €5 billion annually via more than 300 tour operators and 600 connectivity providers in more than 40 countries, mainly in Europe and Latin America. Travelsoft has more than 200 employees who are experts in travel technology for tourism.

CAPZA is acquiring a reference minority stake in Travelsoft, a publisher of software platforms for the travel industry. CAPZA is investing through its Flex Equity Mid- Market II fund, which is completing its fourth investment since May 2022.