Yespark investment from Ring Capital, Banques des Territoires, SOFIOuest, Founders Future & Neot

Leader in parking space rental raises 28 million euros to become leader in long-term parking

Yespark, the leading provider of long-term parking space rental, has announced a €28 million round of financing from several investors: Ring Capital, Sofiouest, Founders Future, Banque des Territoires and NEoT Green Mobility. Yespark reiterates its ambition to be the benchmark solution for intelligent parking for all mobility players.

With a first round of financing worth €28 million and strong growth (+35% annually for the past 7 years), Yespark is pursuing its ambition to simplify long-term parking and to offer electric recharging in all major French cities and in Italy. This fundraising was carried out with Ring Capital, Sofiouest, Founders Future, the Banque des Territoires and with the support of NEoT Green Mobility for the financing of the charging stations. Seven years after its creation, Yespark has more than 60,000 parking spaces under management and a hybrid and multimodal parking offer with several successive launches of services for electric vehicles, bicycles, and motorbikes. This first round of financing will enable the company to consolidate its offer, notably through the deployment of private charging stations in order to improve its technological solution and to support its growth by recruiting talents.

The desire to develop electric recharging stations and limit new car park construction is also part of an environmental approach. To date the Yespark service has made it possible to avoid 54,500 tons of C02, the equivalent of 283 million kilometers driven by car.

Major French cities are multiplying initiatives to reduce the number of vehicles in large and medium-sized towns. Whether in Paris, Marseille or Rouen, the municipalities are removing thousands of parking spaces and calling on the players concerned to better optimise existing facilities such as car parks. In addition, the emergence of new forms of mobility has changed the way city dwellers use their cars. "We are convinced that the car park of the future will have to adapt quickly to new forms of mobility (soft mobility, electric mobility, etc.). This is the reason why we since last year have concluded several new partnerships with players such as Getaround, the Indigo group, Dott or the Stuart courier", explains Charles Pfister, Co-founder of Yespark.