Zaion investment from Fortino Capital & Truffle Capital

The European expert in augmented customer relationship solutions raises €9 million of funding to revolutionize the customer experience

Zaion's ambition is to become the European leader in customer relationship solutions enhanced by Artificial Intelligence. This Series A round of funding led by Fortino Capital and Truffle Capital aims to accelerate its internationalization and the development of its solutions. Zaion tripled recurrent revenue in 2020 in addition to a new round of funding.

Founded in Paris in 2017 by Franz Fodéré, Zaion is pleased to announce a €9 million Series A funding round from Fortino Capital, Truffle Capital, Pro BTP Innovation and Bpifrance. La France Mutualiste, a reference investor for Zaion, is also participating in the deal. Zaion is helping companies improve their customer experience through Artificial Intelligence.

Its solutions aim to:

  • improve the customer experience by placing voice at the heart of an engaging, interactive, and effective relationship
  • speed up the digitization of customer processes by automating the processing of simple, repetitive, and high-volume conversations
  • enhance human capital by assigning higher value-added calls to advisors
  • reduce operational costs

Its consistent development has enabled it to become the leading player in the French Callbot solutions market with:

  • more than 1 million inbound calls handled per month
  • 100 Callbots in production in 5 languages and across 3 countries
  • 50 key accounts in various sectors such as insurance, assistance, healthcare, banking, real estate, public services, automotive, transportation, and telecoms

Having already established a presence in Germany and Belgium, this new round of funding aims to step up Zaion's internationalization in Europe while consolidating its leading position in France.

Through its R&D center aptly called the Zaion Lab, Zaion will continue to develop its Artificial Intelligence technologies through:

  • Voice AI (speech recognition)
  • Conversational AI (Natural Language Processing)
  • Paralinguistic AI (gender, age, tone, and emotion detection)

The company has 80 employees and is planning to double its workforce by the end of next year.