Infinancials sold to Infront

Financial database developer joins Norwegian e-trading platform Infront

Infinancials delivers business valuation and equity research solutions to corporate finance private banking, asset management and private equity professionals. Its unique combination of in-depth data covering more than 80,000 listed companies with expert analysis and powerful modelling tools has made Infinancials a leading player in its field.

The deal will ensure that the high-quality Infinancials service remains open to a worldwide customer base of over 7,000 finance professionals, including many Infront customers already accessing the service via the Infront terminal.

“This acquisition is great news for Infinancials customers as they will continue  to use their current solutions, and benefit from faster product development, new data sets and other synergies”, says Infinancials CEO Vincent Nahum. “Moreover, our expertise and technology will perfectly complement Infront’s assets, and this is a great opportunity for the Infinancials Paris office to grow and become a major R&D centre for the group", she adds.

"Infront customers benefited from the excellent Infinancials service for years" comments Kritian Nesbak, Infront CEO. "Through this acquisition, we are able to ensure that Infinancials can grow as an open service that is available to all finance professionals, whether they access the service in the Infront terminal, on the web, or via another plateform."