LeHibou investment from Ring Capital

The platform that pairs qualified IT profiles with the needs of major groups raises €6 million from Ring Capital

Unlike other generalised platforms, Le Hibou has opted to specialise in the IT sector. "We have from the beginning focused on IT in the broadest sense (cybersecurity, data analysts, etc.) from the beginning. This allows us to have a thorough knowledge of technical subjects", emphasises the company's founder, Christophe de Becdelievre. And therefore, to make the right connections. Before arriving on the platform, the candidates' profiles are checked to ensure that they correspond to the positions offered by the Owl. When an offer is made, the algorithm selects the interesting profiles. This is followed by a one-hour telephone interview to check the compatibility, motivation and qualifications of the consultant.

This bet on specialisation is proving to be successful. Despite a drop-in activity during the first two months of lockdown, the company has experienced strong growth. In 2022, the company is aiming for a turnover of 50-60 million euros from its community of 60,000 freelance consultants. With a strong presence in the French landscape and with the major groups of the CAC40 and SBF120 -which make up 85% of its turnover-, the company intends to capitalise on its success to accelerate its expansion in France and abroad. This explains its €6 million fundraising with Ring Capital.

Le Hibou is preparing to set up in Belgium and Switzerland, two promising French-speaking markets. The entrepreneur is cautious about his internationalisation. "Many platforms have launched too early abroad; we want to take things one step at a time by testing two countries first before expanding." Which is clearly its ambition.

Another major project that has already begun is the redesign of the product. "We are going to continue to invest heavily in R&D to pursue the redesign of our product, which we have been working on for 15 months and which should continue until the end of the year”.

To carry out these projects, the company will boost its workforce with around thirty new recruits. A strategic point for the start-up. With around fifty employees based in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon and even Mauritius, the start-up is looking to increase its sales force, its team of developers as well as the team that does the matchmaking.

Nevertheless, the subject of recruitment remains complicated as the competition is also based on salary. And in this game, the tech giants who raise hundreds of millions of euros are winning. Not to mention the fact that Le Hibou is keen to preserve its corporate culture and is working with the company B-Harmonist on the subject. "We are trying to spread the company's values throughout the company. Co-optation is emphasised, it changes the way we think about HR". This is a necessity, as employees are increasingly attentive to well-being in the company.