Allo-Media investment from Red River West & Serena Capital

"Vocal Cookie" creator Allo-Media to be launched in the US following investment from funds Data+AI (Serena) and Pinault

After three years of R&D and €3.5 million raised, Allo-Media has developed a powerful voice recognition technology capable of deep semantic conversation analysis via Artificial Intelligence.

Each year, 270 billion calls are made to companies by clients, with 90% of information exchanged being lost due to no practical solution. The vocal cookie, developed by start-up Allo-Media, immediately transforms entire telephone conversations into useable data for companies.

This technology offers companies a vital tool for marketing, sales and customer relations. Private and sensitive data from clients are anonymised as a matter of confidentiality.

The objective of this €8 million round of financing is to pursue the company’s exponential growth in France and abroad, specifically in the States, thanks to support of Red River West.

The funds will allow the company to double the size of its teams over the next two years, continuously improving the capacity for real-time analysis, new languages and the creation of data visualisation interfaces.

Guillaume Teboul, partner in charge of the operation at Cambon Partners, commented “This round of financing was completed in record time. A number of funds were quick to mobilise, and organise an excellent phase of due diligence. Interest in Allo-media’s solution on both sides of the Atlantic became clearer with each conversation.”

The company is committed to continuing its research into conversation analysis, so that audio can be turned directly into quantified data thanks to deep-learning.

This major step in Allo-Media’s development will allow it to divide its offer by sector, with added value for its clients. The company is already appearing at international events such as AI Europe in London, Slush Helsinki and CES In Las Vegas (January 2018).

The technology is due to be released in English.

Romain Sambarino, founder and CEO of Allo-Media, added: “Since the creation of Allo-Media, we have been convinced that the content of calls to businesses needs to be quantified, with the number of calls made exploding due to the availability of smartphones. In a world where we are obliged to interact with machines, Allo-Media looks to use these interactions in order to facilitate natural communications between humans. This is what we are offering with the Vocal Cookie.”