Rosemood sold to Celebrate

France's leading announcement company joins German group Celebrate

Atelier Rosemood announces its acquisition by Celebrate, presented as the German leader in personalised cards via its paper entity Kartenmacherei.

Founded in 2010 by Hélène Germain, Antoine Roche and Grégoire Monconduit, Atelier Rosemood is one of France's leading wedding announcement companies. The company, which was established on the island of Nantes and in Treillières (printing site), subsequently diversified into the photo album market, always betting "on a premium offer, focusing on quality, design and service".

Rosemood hires 120 people and in 2021 achieved a turnover of €13.5 million, up 17%. Celebrate is aiming for 30% growth this year to reach €100 million in turnover with 500 employees on 6 different sites, 4 of which are in Germany (Gilching, Schramberg, Hamburg and Munich) and those of Atelier Rosemood. Grégoire Monconduit mentions that Rosemood has experienced a growth of 25% in the first couple months of the year.

Hélène Germain and Grégoire Monconduit will remain in their positions and even reinvest 50% of the transaction amount in the joint company. In addition to a presence in two countries, the takeover should enable the exchange of expertise and the possibility of increasing investments in new technologies, such as artificial intelligence.