Sencrop investment from JVP

The leading micro-climate technology company, with the largest connected community of farmers in Europe, raises $18M led by JVP

Sencrop, Europe’s most exciting company in precision agriculture through its collaborative agro-weather solutions based on micro-climate, announced a $18 million Series B fundraising round led by JVP, as part of the leading international VC fund’s climate and foodtech initiative.

EIT Food - supported by the European Union, Stellar Impact - managed by Telos Impact, IRD Management and Sencrop’s existing shareholders – including BPIfrance, Demeter IM and NCI Waterstart – are also taking part in the transaction.

This round will strengthen Sencrop's leadership in its core markets, accelerate its international expansion towards North America, and consolidate its trajectory on its journey to becoming the world leader in AgTech.

Since its creation in 2016, the collaborative precision farming solution, Sencrop, has been helping farmers limit their crop risks and make better day-to-day decisions for greater comfort, better yields and controlled environmental impact with a clear mission, to make precision farming accessible to all. In six years, the ag-tech start-up has become Europe’s leader in field-connected solutions for all types of crops.

Sencrop’s sensors and platform enable more than 20,000 professionals to receive real-time and predictive information for their plots: micro-climatic information, water stress, plant growth stages, disease or pest development conditions, and more. Well-informed by thousands of data points, farmers can optimize the use of inputs, for example by spraying only if the weather conditions are right or irrigating only if necessary. Furthermore, the app enables the farmer to identify weather, water stress, pests and disease risks for their crops, including frost episodes and risk of mildew, and act accordingly.