Unkle investment from Mundi Ventures, Innovallianz - Eurazeo, Anaxago & Groupe Prunay

The neo-insurer specializing in real estate, raises €10m to become the leading platform for real estate players in France

Following an initial round of funding in 2019, Unkle has secured its second round by raising €10m from 3 investment funds rooted in the insurance and real estate sectors: Mundi Ventures, Eurazeo-Innovallianz, and Anaxago. The new funding will allow Unkle to accelerate its growth by launching new services to become the leading platform for real estate actors in France. With a vision: leveraging insurance to simplify real estate transactions. To support this ambitious project, Unkle will be hiring 50 new employees in 2022.

Launched in spring 2019, Unkle is an insurtech specializing in rental guarantee solutions. Created by Matthieu Luneau and Cédric Baulme, the startup presents itself as a new trusted intermediary between tenants and landlords, facilitating access to housing.

In 2019, Unkle raised €1m from business angels who invested in Meilleurtaux.com, Meero, Cheerz, Lydia and Pumpkin. The startup gained the backing of SADA Assurances, the French leader in unpaid rent guarantees and a subsidiary of the German insurer DEVK.

The company now has 25 employees and supports 20,000 tenants and owners in France. Its ambition is to protect and support real estate players in an innovative way, in order to simplify access to real estate.

To this end, Unkle has developed 3 innovative products: a tenant guarantee, enabling prospective tenants to consolidate their rental applications and thus find accommodation more easily; a SaaS tool, enabling estate agents to protect their clients; and the first digital and transparent unpaid rent insurance, enabling landlords to choose their tenants with confidence.

With this new round of funding, Unkle will be able to accelerate its B2C distribution and strengthen its partnerships with real estate agencies. The startup also plans to expand its range of services in 2022: it intends to provide its customers with innovative support on all issues related to their real estate projects. Unkle has created several partnerships with key market players (PAP, Masteos, LaBanquePostale, etc.), and sees to develop this network further in 2022.

To carry through these ambitious projects, the insurtech is looking to strengthen its teams by recruiting 50 new talents in 2022.