Uptime investment from Serena

Uptime, leader elevator predictive maintenance, raises €7 million from Serena and business angels

Uptime, the elevator maintenance company founded at the end of 2016 by Augustin and Amaury Celier, guarantees the best quality of service to building managers and occupants thanks to its predictive maintenance technology. It has completed a financing round of €7 million, with Serena and its historical business angels, including Jacques-Antoine Granjon (Veepee), David Amsellem (John Paul), Yvan Wibaux (Evaneos), Antoine Martin (Zenly). This brings its total financing to more than €10 million, allowing Uptime to anticipate its future growth, by tripling its team and consolidating its technological asset.

Despite the €12 billion spent every year to maintain the 6 million elevators in Europe, and despite regulations requiring a maintenance visit up to once a month, elevators experience an average of 5 failures per year, making it difficult for tenants to use them, even though it is the most widely used transport mean in the world.

Uptime has developed a digital sensor which connects to any elevator. It allows to upload in real time via a 4G connection all the statuses of the elevator controller board with more than 200 different parameters (error codes, door opening cycles, motor starts,...).

The analysis of these statuses and operational data (root causes of failure, spare part changes, specific settings), allows Uptime's machine learning algorithms to guide the technician during his maintenance visit, in order to recommend the necessary actions to avoid subsequent failures. The current state-of-the-art technology of the incumbent manufacturers focus on reactivity at the very moment of the failure (detection of an anomaly, triggering an intervention), and not on anticipation as Uptime does.