Cambon Partners provides growth companies with comprehensive advisory services for Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Finance, including:

  • Sellout to a strategic buyer
  • Majority and minority stake sales to LBO and growth equity funds
  • Venture and growth capital funding
  • Debt refinancing and raising of bank of bond financing
  • Acquisitions

Cambon Partners intervenes, at all stages of the company's lifecycle : Venture, Growth capital, LBO, M&A. As a multi-sector specialist, we have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ eco-systems which guarantees relevant contributions right from the start, by focusing on the key information, getting the right counterparties involved, and selecting the most appropriate valuation benchmarks.  

This approach, which combines financial engineering with sector expertise, enables us to determine the feasibility of a project at the earliest possible stage. Being selective on the missions we accept is a key concern for us : convince a client that the market conditions are not optimal to fulfil his objectives, or on the contrary that the timing is right, is an approach which inspires trust and maximize the chances for a successful transaction.

The high and steadily growing number of deals we have executed validates the relevance of our positioning and comforts our ambition to establish Cambon Partners as the reference M&A house for growth companies in France.

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  • David Salabi launches Financière Cambon

  • First major international clients secured

  • Arrival of Michael Azencot, partner

  • First bid on Alternext: Groupe Diwan sold to Orange

  • Easyvoyage marks first LBO in the e-commerce sector in France

  • 15th transaction performed in the IT services sector

  • Consolidation of cross-border expertise: Autodesk, Sierra Wireless

  • First clients in the online insurance brokerage sector secured

  • Arrival of Morgann Lesné, partner & opening of the London office

  • 50th transaction performed by Financière Cambon

  • Accel Partners' investment in Showroomprivé marks the first of such in France

  • Financière Cambon hires its 10th employee

  • Continued development of the funds raising offer, with six operations carried out in a year

  • League tables rank Financière Cambon amongst the top M&A boutiques in France

  • Financière Cambon hires its 15th employee

  • Arrival of Guillaume Teboul, senior advisor

  • 100 deals completed

  • Arrival of Romain Gonthier, partner & opening of the San Francisco office

  • First deal with TA Associates, major US growth equity fund

  • 20 deals completed in 1 year

  • 15th transaction performed in the e-travel sector

  • Financière Cambon hires its 20th employee

  • 30th cross-border deal

  • 150 deals completed

  • #1 independant midcap boutique in France

  • 15th transaction performed in the financial services sector

  • Financière Cambon becomes Cambon Partners - Laurent Azout joins as a new partner

  • 35th transaction performed in the software industry

  • 200 deals completed

  • Cambon Partners hires its 25th employee

  • Arrival of Lin Xu, partner & opening of the Beijing office

  • 40 deals completed in 2017

  • 250 deals completed

  • 18 deals closed in H1 2018

  • 42 deals/ 2b€ transaction volume

  • Establishment of a team dedicated to venture

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“The standard of service, selection and day-to-day engagement in the project was faultless from start to finish. Bravo.”


“Cambon played a vital role during the negociation phase, introducing competition between prospective buyers and carrying out due diligence.”

Dominique Pouliquen - CEO of Realviz - 2008

“I'd like to thank you and let you know what an absolute pleasure it was to work with you. Cambon: Understated power!”

Michael Koskas - Co-fondateur de Sofactory - 2011

“Sharing the same values of excellence, precision and transparency, we particularly appreciated the ability of Cambon to adapt to the specific environment of financing innovation and R&D tax credit.”

Laurent Scheinfeld - Directeur Associé de Subventium - 2010

“This new partnership with Talan is sure to present new opportunities for both our team and our clients. Thanks to Cambon for playing a key intermediary role.”

Lionel Frizon, Président d'EXL Group - 2015

“Indisputably, Cambon are the best bankers when it comes to digital deals involving small to medium-size companies, and their perfect knowledge of this sector makes them pivotal players.”

Guy Mamou Mani - Co-fondateur d'Open et Président du Syntec Numérique - 2014

“We are delighted to have been advised by Cambon Partners, who were able to understand our entrepreneurial issues and to structure an operation giving us the means to achieve our ambitions in Europe. We are grateful for the quality of the advice and the involvement on this project.”

David Vanden Born - Directeur général de Onepark

“FC not only helped us to prepare for the road show but also assisted us throughout the process of negotiating with various funds. Thanks to their support, we were able to meet our objectives.”

Jean-Christophe de Launay - Directeur Général de Beezik - 2009

“Cambon's team accompanied us in structuring of our latest round of financing. This represents our first operation with an advisor and we appreciated the difference! A well-honed process, high added-value inputs to our scale strategy, and seamless support from end to end from a complementary, professional and incredibly energetic team. Congratulations and thank you!”

Arthur Saint-Père, CEO & founder of Dolead

“Cambon Partners advised us during our first transaction in 2013, when MBO Partners entered Travelsoft’s capital, and then again in 2016 when we completed a second LBO with EDRIP, BPO and A Plus Finance. Orchestra’s performance allows us to envisage an even stronger position in Europe. Thank you to the team, who played an instrumental role in identifying targets and intermediation.”

Christian Sabbagh - Président de Travelsoft

“Now that the dust has settled and we have signed our deal I wanted to thank you formally for the superb work you performed for Omnicom Group.”

Noël Penrose - Head of M&A of Omnicom Group - 2004

“From the off, Cambon set itself apart with its in depth knowledge of the IT sector, its key players (corporates and investment funds), and adequate valuation levels. The team was able to construct different exit strategies, quickly completing the preferential transfer process without a hitch.”

LBO France - Arthur Bernardin, Partner - 2016

“Financière Cambon accompanied us in a first round of funding in 2009 and have since followed the growth of Beezik and Beead, advising us on our sale to eBuzzing in 2012 with the same dedication.”

Jean Canzoneri - PDG et co-fondateur de BeeAd - 2012

“Cambon played a vital role in completing this operation. In light of the group's performance, a sponsorless LBO was the most suitable deal structure, allowing us to serve the shareholders' interests while favouring attractive financial conditions for this fast-growing, family-run structure”

David Tuchbant - Fondateur d'Identicar - 2016

“Thanks to Cambon knowledge of the domestic IT market combined with ability to fast understand our specific situation, we received several offers from major players and met the deadline to close the deal at an excellent level.”

Christian Luiga - CFO de Teleca France - 2008

“Cambon has successfully used its industry expertise and experience in negotiations with large groups.”

Jean-Philippe Couturier - Founder of InovenAltenor - 2013

“Cambon’s degree of commitment, tenacity and abnegation is simply outstanding. They were able to find solutions when the situation was at a standstill and are responsible for bringing this deal to fruition.”


“Thanks to Financière Cambon's team for this second transaction together: they have demonstrated again their outstanding ability to identify the right partner !”

Eric Cohen - Président de Keyrus - 2012

“Cambon allowed us to choose the best financial partners to support the development of Splio while meeting the aspirations of its management and shareholders. They matched our vision and helped us to highlight Splio's strengths, expertise and unique strategy.”


“Many thanks to the team at Cambon Partners for their professionalism and enthousiasm in leading this transaction, thereby offering new strategic perspectives.”

Christian Sabbagh - Fondateur de Travelsoft - 2016

“I'd like to thank everyone at Cambon for all their work and efforts. Thanks to you, AssurOne is taking a considerable step forward.”

Jeremy Garamond - Directeur Général d'AssurOne Group - 2014

“Very close from their clients, Cambon's bankers have an entrepreneurial visions and message.”

Jean-Pierre Nadir - Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Easyvoyage - 2007

“In an unclear context where the shareholders' interests didn't necessarily match up, Cambon was able to find a buyer and and a set-up to suit everyone entirely.”

Didier Riahi - Président de Welcome Office - 2008

“I'm thrilled to have worked with a team I strongly believe to be the best in the business, both personally and professionally.”

Christophe Courtin - Fondateur Groupe Santiane - 2013

“Financière Cambon proved to be an excellent guide along the winding road to closing an M&A transaction.”

Laurent Scheinfeld - Directeur Associé de Subventium - 2010

“We are very satisfied with this business transaction which is the result of six years of collaboration with Cambon.”

Clément Benoit - co-founder de Resto-In - 2015

“Guillaume quickly recognised the stakes at hand and our positioning. He was able to handle the situation insightfully and intelligently while maintaining the steady rhythm of the operation. It is all of these elements which allowed us to succesfully merge with NetBooster.”


“Financière Cambon's intermediate size helps it support entrepreneurs with grown potential. The partners have a vast network that allows their clients to identify the right partners.”

Jean-Pierre Nadir -Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Easyvoyage - 2007

“The team's track record and their degree of professionalism instantly gained our trust. I particularly appreciated their discreet but reassuring presence and their efficiency.”

Meyer Azogui, president of Cyrus Conseil

“Very personable, the bankers at Cambon had rapidly establish a climate of trust and make sure that the exchange information between buyers and sellers remains fluid.”

Stéphane Estryn - ‎Associate Director M&A at Publicis Group - 2013

“We would like to congratulate Guillaume and his team for his excellent execution: we have benefited from very high-end service, thanks to which we were able to find the fund most adapted to our philosophy and our plans for development.”


“Financière Cambon mobilized itself, successfully bringing offers from several major international players in private equity to the table.”

Gilles Ridel - Président de Nexway - 2010

“Financière Cambon accompanied us in coming together with an international partner. In a somewhat complex negociation, we appreciated their ability to listen and their reacivity in finding a fair solution.”

Vincent Nahum - Fondateur d'Infinancials - 2012

“Guillaume has advised us on several occasions and is able to understand our approach and fully appreciate our potential. In a sometimes complex negotiation, we appreciated his attentive listening skills and his responsiveness in finding an agreement that best serves our interests.”


“Cambon advised us in a € 5M round of financing with CM CIC Capital Privé and XAnge, which was no mean feat given the highly competitive nature of the chauffeured transport market. I'd like to thank Guillaume for his uncompromising engagement which took us through to the end of the process.”

Yan Hascoet - Cofondateur Chauffeur-Privé - 2014

“We can't thank Cambon enough for their discerning advice throughout the sale process. Highly recommended.”

Frédéric Sultan - Président Directeur Général de StepInfo - 2015

“I would like to thank you again for these months of efficient and attentive guidance. You know how much I appreciate your astute perception of situations (and people!)”

Dominique Brechon - Fondatrice de Masters Consultants - 2013

“Above and beyond excellence in the area of financial analysis, Cambon's business plan include a serious marketing dimension.”

Jean-Pierre Nadir - Founder at Easyvoyage - 2007

“In the hyper competitive and crowded 3D software market, the expertise of Michael in cross border alliances and the professionalism of Financière Cambon were instrumental in the successful completion of the deal.”

Frédéric Lebrun - Directeur de Participations de Seventure - 2011